Spreading The Love

Where is the love? It’s in a featured post on Spreadluv blog. The platform founded by Tennessee State graduate and media professional Brian Sexton hosts big names with an even bigger and growing lists of followers. The fan page and twitter for the site also focus on highlighting and advertising entrepreneurs.  It’s a great source of jobs and entrepreneurship inspiration, if you’re on the come-up, trying to breakthrough, or if you’re one of the billions of people actually empowered by inspiration.


If you wanna spread the love, or you could just use some… you definitely should connect with this movement.




Connect with SpreadLuv on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/spreadluvfans and  @SpreadluvBlog  on twitter.


A Top Model

Who is he? Don Leaks is a  model/entertainer on the rise. He is on a mission to empower the world to acheive their Goals by first being a great example. He is truly a top model and a role model. And this is only a peak at whats to come…