Thinking Like A Cheating Man Is Useless


It’s Apparent that the new genre of “Men Teaching Women How They Think” style of book publishing must be thought of as a growing and effective tool in relationship advice.  After the recent  release of Tyrese Gibson’s and “Rev Run” Simmons’s new collaboration: “Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed” and the inspirational Juggernaut “Act Like A lady, Think Like A Man  it’s no doubt that women will probably be bombarded with a lot more of these self-proclaimed “insider secrets”… to understanding a man’s mind. While, it’s highly accommodating to have the influence of wise and learned voices contributed to the world’s knowledge, the format is fickle.

Actually the book “Manology “in particular, is a great read! Run’s unique, insightful wisdom mixed with Gibson’s charming wit throughout the book, makes for that awesomely addictive type of read that’s hard to put down. However, as enjoyable and enlightening as these types of books are, they’re still very useless in regards to maintaining a successful romantic relationship with anyone.   Despite all the generalizations or universal expectations we may place on men in this society, the representation of “all men” or even “most” is still irrevocably limited to the concept of the Author. Every dynamic of an Author’s life plays a role in the content they create, and their specific culture definitely has a major impact in it.

Without a doubt American men or men who were primarily raised in America tend to have a common defect that’s really no secret, especially not to a smart woman. Books like these don’t do much more than publicize some men’s choice for infidelity, over monogamy. Airing dirty laundry in chapters titled “Why Men Cheat” or sharing their dirty little “Secrets” just exposes the illusive misguidance of a culture.

Since this problem, excuse me “thought process” is now being published boldly out in the open, it’s best to stop so much writing about it, and start putting strategic solutions into action, like the Authors starting mentor programs for young men for example. However, Infidelity is not exclusively set to men, its rationale can conquer any soul ungrounded from a system of healthy, principle -based living.  Our best thoughts and advice as individuals are not determined by understanding the general truths of the opposite sex; they are derived from where we place our own unique and sacred values as individuals, whether we‘re male or female.

A practice of Vows or even celibacy until marriage is first a commitment to self. Improving ourselves first is the only training ground we have before we get into a relationship with anyone else. Practice makes perfect! A woman is prized through virtue; THIS JUST IN…So is a Man. Men should be taught moral excellence as much as a woman is. It’s ok that it’s MEN like Tyrese, T.D. Jakes, Steve Harvey, and Tyler Perry seem to be the leading voices in content directed toward women, but some of these men have admitted to infidelity themselves.

When it all boils down to it the success of our relationships is based on our values. If you claim to be a man of Faith, or woman of integrity then own it, and owning it is really committing to it.  If spiritual values are compromised to satisfy physical wants then there is already a problem, and NOBODY no matter what sex, wants to voluntarily be in a problematic relationship. Indeed all relationships have problems, but there is one that is filled with complete wholeness.

In the end we all are subject to weakness, or some longing unholy desire. We all make mistakes. We try to impress one another, then we fall short, but the aim is not to please man; it’s to please God. When our ways please the Lord, we make even our enemies live at peace with us. This is the “thinking” that makes love pure and gives us reasoning to resist foolish temptations. Keep Calm and Let Christ’s love adorn you. Committing to sanctity, is committing to empowering ourselves for the best possible relationships, you may like it, but if you absolutely LOVE it, then put a ring on it! A bit of advice for “All my single ladies”…and Gentlemen:  think like God intended.


*this post was published on YBW