Will Gabrielle Douglas Make Time For A Date?

Being a seventeen year old national Olympic superstar gymnast must lead to a very busy life and a hectic schedule. Scroll through your Facebook news feed and you’ll probably see several events and announcements from the star, most recently her plans to attend Gospel artist Martha Munizzi’s Viva La Woman event with her mom. Empowered is most certainly the best way to live. Will Gabby be empowered in all areas? Even love?


Most recently another “superstar” has been vying for Gabby’s attention. YouTube sensation and Honor Graduate Leon Purvis noted for gaining attention from President Obama and hanging out with Justin Bieber is on his second petition for an evening with Gabby.

When Purvis initially asked Gabby to attend his senior prom with him, she “sadly” declined due to a scheduling conflict. Leon is back, more accomplished, and giving it another shot! From the looks of social media it looks like he’s making much headway! Leon got a response from Gabby’s mother promising to “see what she can do”. He also got a lead from Gabby herself on her favorite restaurant.

Since Gabby’s initial rejection, Leon has not failed to do his homework or follow up for her attention. Purvis has seriously looked into the facts to know more about the life and perspective of the girl he admires. He has read Gabrielle’s first book “Grace, Gold, and Glory” along with her latest project “Raising the Bar”. Leon is persistent, he is convincing, has his facts straight, and he’s not giving up anytime soon. 

Even with being an all-around Olympic Gold champion, having made history and that oh so killer Nike Commercial, it’s sure Gabby like everyone else could use more good company, which Leon is suitable to provide.

The recent graduate took another shot at landing time with the gymnast he looks up to in his most recent video. Gabby promised to connect with Leon if she reached 800,000 followers on twitter, she still hasn’t reached the goal yet. However, Doug still followed Purvis account back after her moms reply. Hopefully there will be no more scheduling conflicts, and these two superstars can go on a proper date. Leon is anxiously awaiting a reply, but now the world and all of social media want to know as well: Gabby Douglas, “Want to Go on a Date” …with Leon Purvis?

We sure do hope so! Gabrielle tweets at: https://twitter.com/gabrielledoug

Maximize Your Personal Development

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung

Most “Millennials” and many close to the generation are being targeted as lazy, but there is power to make a positive difference with the advanced tools and resources in this age, especially in the field of networking and communications. Personal development helps us to realize what we have to offer the world. It gives us a brief estimate of our value and on what exact talents we can place worth on, that can in turn be incorporated into all areas of life and authentic success.


If we want the best out of our lives, it means we should give life the best of ourselves. As William Shakespeare noted:  “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”  Knowing your authentic self and developing your highest potential is the key behind personal branding and development, it is the essential function that serves our purpose and service to the world.

Consciously achieving your goals means allocating the time to do so. All big problems started as little problems. When left unchecked, simple issues can gradually grow out of proportion. Health is one thing any professional can’t allow to go in the wrong direction. Fitness trainer and healthy lifestyle specialist Derek Caffe will be delivering expert tips on how to fit a healthy lifestyle into your busy life.

Personal development also relies heavily on mental sharpness and acumen. If our perception is limited, the very experience of our life will be too. You can only see the world from your perception, why not make it awesome?!  Your key attributes and your authenticity give life to your personal brand. Master Career Director and Certified Professional Resume Writer Robin Schlinger, is sharing the details and value of incorporating personal branding into professional resumes.

Low self-worth and lack of good communication causes individuals to make bad choices, which leads life into a series of bad experiences. Life is all about communication. How are you relating to everything and everybody else in the world? Self-Investment is the key to increase communication skills and career success.  Entrepreneur and Master Networker Alton Roberts, and Communications Professional Tieler Giles will be sharing various methods and presenting their impactful expertise.


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