World Natural Hair Show Looking For Models, Designers, MUAs, etc.


Do You Have Natural Hair? Interested in being a model? Come out to the Taliah Waajid Spring Model Call Sunday. Taliah Waajid is the Founder of the World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show along with Awesome products!

A few slots are available listed in the image (below):


Think you got what it takes to be apart of a major showcase event? This could be your chance! For more details and information contact the hosts on Twitter @taliahwaajid and Facebook at Taliah Waajid’s Fanpage


25 Most Inspirational Twitter Accounts Worth A Follow



These Amazing personalities have added life to my timeline for several years and were even kind enough to follow a young writer. Highly Grateful and even though the number was kept at twenty-five. Breath Of Life Daily is grateful for everyone one of our twitter followers who have connected!

Thank you all for connecting with @BOLDJournal and @aprilinspired. We have been “Twatching” and the Inspiration hasn’t gone unnoticed! Blessings! and thanks for the Love!

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Petition Urges Record Labels To ‘Stop Degradation Of Black People’

A petition has been circulating that has become very popular. The document created by Kenneth Paulk is making big headlines around the web. The creator is serving notice to Artists and big record companies to end the disrespect of black culture, mostly through black artists. The petition is detail oriented and lists all the “dirty” companies clearly by name.
Time will tell if the petition will make a difference in the music and entertainment industry, but the writer is very direct on his intentions. He claims that companies and artists can stop valuing money over quality of content. Digital Media has definitely been given a new platform to Social Justice. The request may be a big leap of faith, but it might not be such a hard bargain. The mission holds good reason and merit, but will merit be enough? check out the details (below):

“This petition is for our future children and grandchildren. This petition is for our ancestors that sacrificed and died to make things better for us.We have to let our ancestors know that we will not allow our legacy to be destroyed by corporate America, and we will not allow our legacy to be destroyed by a few greedy music artist that value money more than they value their own people.

When you see bad things happening and don’t say anything it will continue forever. Bad things will only stop when good people take a stand against it.


Record companies the rappers are your EMPLOYEES and you would never allow your EMPLOYEES to make songs that disrespect or degrade the Jewish people, and you would never allow your employees to make songs that disrespect Gays, but you allow your employees to make songs that disrespect and degrade black people.

Record companies you make a profit by allowing rappers to call black people n!gger and n!gga in their songs. Record companies you would never allow rappers to make songs that glorify the killing of Jews or Gays, but you allow rappers to make songs that glorify the killing of blacks, and you profit from it.

The negative rappers value money and material things more than they value the betterment of their own people, they don’t even care about the damage that their music is doing to us as a people. We would never allow whites or any other groups to make songs against us, and we shouldn’t allow blacks to do it either.


People will only do what you allow them to do, and as black people we are at fault to a large degree because for the last 20 years we have allowed record companies and rappers to degrade us as a people and get a way with it.

Just like other groups of people would never allowed themselves to be disrespected it’s time for black people to show the world that we love ourselves as well.

We must send a clear message to those that have exploited us and harmed us as a people. The best way is through legal action or class action lawsuit against any record company, record distributor or music artist that continues to put out those kind of songs.

Stevie Wonder has sold over 100 million records and he never called us n!ggers in his songs. He always called us brothers and sisters in his songs.

Black people we gave the world great music, we gave the world Soul music, Jazz and other forms of music. I refused to stand by and watch our great music legacy be trashed and destroyed before the whole world.

99% of rappers are signed to these record companies and distributors below, this petition is against these companies and their rap artist. These are the names of the executives that run these record companies that degrade blacks.”:

Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Charles GraingeSony Music Entertainment CEO Doug Morris

Warner Music Group CEO Stephen F Cooper

Island Def Jam CEO Barry Weiss

Island Def Jam President Steve Bartels

Interscope Geffen A&M Records President John Janick

RCA Records CEO Peter Edge

Virgin EMI Records President Ted Cockle

Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman

Young Money President, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr

Cash Money Records CEO’S,  Bryan and Ronald Williams

Capitol Music Group CEO Steve Barnett

The FCC is going to be asked to play a major role in this.

Federal Communication Commission (FCC) president, Tom Wheeler
Will you be signing the petition? Do you think it will make a difference? Leave a comment in the section below.

Da Kink In My Hair Debuts In The U.S.

                                If You want to know about a black woman, touch her hair.– Novelette, Da’ Kink In My Hair


Rejuvenating, Refreshing, Inspirational…hard to believe i’m talking about a stage play, but “Da Kink In My Hair” by Trey Anthony and directed by Andrea Frye is all of these. In melody and in monologue Da Kink In My Hair is a winner. Atlanta, Georgia got to find out why, as the production finally made it’s United States debut. Da Kink In My Hair is a winner because it’s magical and marvelous, while also being meaningful as it deals with a variety of topics.


The for colored girls-esque dramedy covers everything from self-esteem, to color-ism, racism, child molestation and homosexuality. Unlike the other “colored girls” play, Da Kink In My Hair has an enlivening flair and a modern day edge. In a series of character monologues and musical numbers that hold their own and give life to the story. Da Kink In My Hair manages to give a voice to the many “black girl problems”, new ones and the age old ones. As much as the play details the problems, it also highlights the solutions. In a wave of sisterhood, encouragement, humor, and foul language, Da Kink In My Hair takes the audience to church. Being a type of women’s sanctuary, the Jamaican hair salon set in Canada empowers through it’s plot. The performances are stellar and the headliners are worth their salt.


Trey Anthony’s talent graciously pulls everything together, not only being the shows sole writer and producer, but also carrying a Jamaican accent on stage as the salon owner Novelette. The accents were on point with the culture and idiosyncrasies of Jamaican dialect, but the content of the show is even better. I love Da Kink In My Hair because it celebrates inner strength and the freedom to make the decisions that are right for you. Da Kink In My Hair is a phenomenal must-see not only for colored girls, but for all races.

The “Da Kink In My Hair” showcase is running in Atlanta September 6-8 at Cobb Galleria Performing Arts Center. Tickets are being sold through Ticketmaster, and more info can be found on the play’s website